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We commissioned IDC to explore the way organisations are using mobility solutions to further their strategic goals.

IDC are a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets


We surveyed two groups:

250 SMEs

Each had between 4 - 249 employees

300 Mobile workers

Mobile workers ie. those who sometimes work outside their normal office environment and use a laptop, smartphone or tablet device to assist them.


Key findings:

64 %

of Irish SMEs consider that "growing the business" is now second to "reducing costs" in terms of strategic priorities.

Rethinking the existing communications model

86 %

of mobile workers stated that mobile working and the use of mobility solutions, such as smartphones, tablets and mobile applications, improve relationships with customers and partners improved their responsiveness.

"While the market continues to pressure businesses on the short term to sweat existing assets and focus on rationalisation, long- term competitive advantage requires a radical rethink of the existing communications model."

- IDC Research Director, Nick McQuire

How we work is changing


Check their email before 8am


Check their email after 9pm


Irish businesses AND their customers are both adopting mobility solutions such as smartphones and tablet devices

Response times are down

Mobility and social media have altered response times so that they are no longer measured in days and hours, but in minutes


Mobile, flexible home-based working

58 %

of mobile workers say working from home is now an option

78 %

of respondents claimed that employees (in their organisations) work more from home now than they did two years ago


Increased mobility leads to increased productivity

77 %

of Irish mobile workers said their own productivity has been improved through smartphone usage

78 %

of them said smartphones have improved the productivity of the business as a whole.


What it all means

Stay connected

Businesses should make sure employees are always connected and available to meet customer requirements where possible.


Organisations must adapt to new ways of working and new ways of doing business as customers evolve and demands change alongside the technology they use.


Although the benefits of mobility solutions are already being realised, through the widespread use of smart devices, the extent to which organisations have fully explored wider mobility is low.

Get Ahead

Irish organisations that act quickly and decisively on deploying greater levels of mobility could generate considerable competitive advantage and ultimately growth.

"There is a growing recognition that technology is a huge lever to not only engage, retain and acquire customers, but also to retain and attract talent, drive productivity and implement better ways of working. Central to this is mobile technology"

- IDC Research Director, Nick McQuire

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