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Better operational agility

Business agility is the ability to quickly start, stop, expand, reduce or reconfigure the way you work in order to respond to changing market conditions, threats and opportunities. It’s critical to success and Vodafone can help you embed it across your communications. Ensuring you are confidently connected with all your different ways of communicating working together seamlessly.

We’ll help you become more agile, more efficient and more profitable through our simplified communications which are flexible and scalable enabling you to do business anywhere.

Enable me to do business anywhere

Vodafone gives you the tools to do business anywhere to ensure your employees are better connected to your internal systems, your internal files, other employees and your customers – delivering better agility and connected people. With a range of connectivity options to connect nationally and international either via a fixed or mobile connection.

With security and device management tools you can positively embrace staff mobility to increase staff engagement and improve productivity by enabling them to work remotely whilst ensuring that your valuable data is not compromised.

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Give me flexible and scalable communications infrastructure

With a flexible and scalable infrastructure, you can implement new and innovative services quickly and easily, ensuring your employees get the services they need and enjoy a consistent and reliable experience, wherever they are. We can offer you national and global capability, flexible cloud options as well as business continuity options all of which can facilitate flexible growth and expansion. Benefits include lower capex models through cloud based opex models, improved end user experience through fully managed services and reduced internal resources on communications.

Help me simplify my communications

Recent research has shown that an effective IT simplification effort can reduce application and infrastructure costs by up to 50% and total IT costs as much as 30%. With Vodafone as a single supplier with both mobile, fixed and data experience with a total communications portfolio globally and nationally we can offer simplified management of your communications. Benefits to you include lower maintenance allowing you to focus on your business priorities and improved user experience through fully managed services.

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