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Better connected people

Better connected people

Your employees will be more engaged, satisfied and productive thanks to our innovative solutions and flexible working practices that will let them work how, when and where they choose. They’ll be able to communicate and collaborate securely and reliably using fixed and mobile connectivity, cloud-based platforms, and advanced collaboration tools. And that means your business can make decisions more quickly and act faster.

Our range of security solutions will ensure your data is kept secure at all times, inside or outside your corporate firewall.

Work on any device

Empower employees with their preferred technology

By embracing your employees’ desire to use their preferred devices for work – fully enabled for corporate use – you can support greater productivity and pave the way for flexible working practices that boost satisfaction. Vodafone’s experts can assess your current and desired mobility state and devise the strategies required to deploy, manage and control a multi-device, multi-OS environment. We’ll help you formulate and deploy the correct policies and programmes to meet your legal, financial, commercial and technological requirements. And we’ll safeguard corporate and personal data with robust security measures, including the ability to segregate professional and private use on a single device.

Work the way you want

Empower employees with flexible working tools

Vodafone can help you increase employee engagement, productivity, innovation and efficiency by supporting their preferences for smarter, more flexible ways of working. We’ll help you embrace unified communications that simplify access to dispersed people, systems and information with tools like single number reach and conferencing. We’ll integrate secure, real-time cloud collaboration and knowledge-sharing to create flexible workspaces that allow your people to work wherever, whenever and however they need to – making best use of office space and minimising travel. And with streamlined communications built around flexible working practices, you’ll be able to manage your spend more effectively, too.

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